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William of Ockham was a 13th century Franciscan friar in England. As a philosopher and a theologian, he devised a problem-solving principle that is used in science, engineering, and medicine to this day. His principle can be summarized like this: the best solution to a problem is the simplest one.

I’ve always loved this principle. I use it daily in my clinical practice, and I used it to develop the MyoReflex Roller.

Throughout history, healers have used simple tools to alleviate excessive muscle tension. For example, Native American healers used smooth stones to manipulate myofascial tissues and to massage healing ointments into the skin. And Thai massage treatment uses elbows and knees to dig deeply into restricted myofascial structures.

In my own clinical practice, I have used wooden rolling pins, stones, LaCross balls, baseballs, and softballs to teach runners how to dig deeply and self-treat myofascial restrictions. Balls are great for some regions like the hips, and I still recommend them over any specialized product for myofascial release.

But I’ve searched for years to find the right rolling tool for muscles of the calf and thigh. Foam rollers are too soft. Other popular rollers don’t provide good enough leverage or don’t have the right shape to dig into restrictions that may be a 2 or 3 inches beneath the surface of the skin. Even the wooden rolling pins I have used forever don’t do the job in many cases. Most of the rollers I’ve tried are good at squishing the muscle, but they don’t dig into the tissue like an elbow or a stone does.

Ockham's Razor Theory and its application to the MyoReflex Method and MyoReflex RollerThe shape of elbows is pretty simple. And the shape of my favorite clinical stone is simple too.

Simple solutions to a problem.

The structure of the MyoReflex wheel follows after the shape of my stone. The wheel design is unique and has a patent pending. But it is also simple. It provides a simple solution to a problem. The problem: how to help you dig into the right places of your muscle without breaking your fingers.

The MyoReflex is a truly simple, intuitive design. No need for rollers that have odd bumps and angles. Most of those specialized textures get absorbed by the surface layers of skin, fat, and muscle without really affecting the deeper layers.

But the MyoReflex wheel gets in there. It works its way between bundles of myofascia, separating them, stretching out the adhesions that develop with regular muscle use, and reactivating neuromuscular reflexes that our bodies depend upon for normal function.

So, if the problem is myofasical, the simplest and most effective solution is MyoReflex. Ockham’s Razor at it’s best.

Run Well.